Not everything is what it seems…We discover the ‘the Vive family’, a traditional Brittish family visiting their grandmother at a typical English High Tea.

The grandmother lives alone and is obsessed by her interior and keeping everything clean. But suddenly the boy drops a glass of juice on the old carpet. Everybody looks at Grandmother and asks “what is going to happen now ?” Suddenly Grandmother becomes angry and she looses it over a stain ! She stands up and with all her might, she pulls at the tablecloth ! Every familymember falls on the ground, the food is ejected in the air,… there is complet chaos! All of a sudden, everything rewinds, back to the situation as it was before, but with other “Vivendi” carpet. We see the family at the table again, but now happy.

They don’t have to worry about anything.
A family of happy people, on their cool Vivendi carpet!

Client: Associated Weavers
Prod.: Norvell Jefferson
Director: Yve Van der Donck


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